The journey begins…

A few months ago, after coming to the conclusion that my job was going to get much more difficult over the coming months, I decided to look into becoming a professional truck driver. After all, I had dealt with truck drivers over the last 3 years at work. My reasoning: if they can do it, so can I.

Two weeks ago, I decided to hand in my 3 weeks notice (yes, 3 weeks), rather than commit to another season of citrus processing. This would give the team time to find a new recruit, get him or her trained up, and me feeling less guilty about leaving them hanging. Things went a bit smoother than expected, so all is well.

During this period, I had called the local community college and made an appointment to speak with the director of Sage Schools, which is a professional truck driver school attached to the community college. We sat down, talked some things over, he answered my questions, and told me the next steps to take.

The first of those steps included setting an appointment with a local doctor’s office to get a DOT physical completed. That brings us to today, where I completed that physical this morning with almost flying colors…

So thus begins my journey of becoming a professional truck driver. Tomorrow, I will be taking the Commercial Learner’s Permit test so that I can get my learner’s permit and start driving with an instructor.

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