One chapter ends, another begins

It really is hard to say goodbye to the place I’ve been working at for the last 3+ years. You meet people; some you get along with, others you don’t. But they become a sort of… family. And it’s always hard to let go of family.

My last day at Tropicana in Fort Pierce, FL was Monday, December 5th. Unfortunately, I had to work a double shift from 6am to 8pm, but I can’t complain about some extra money in my last paycheck. My boss had a little get-together and shared some cake and they gave me a card. We chatted about things that have happened over the years, co-workers who’ve come and gone.

8pm came around, and it was time to clock out for the last time. The following day, I would be able to sleep in, not having to set an alarm to get up for work. But it also meant that it’s time to really start moving things forward.

This week, I have to go to the DMV to take my CDL permit test. Once that is done, it’s time to scrape together the cash to pay the school so that I can start taking my classes. That also means it’s time to start getting all my belongings together and packed, getting ready to move whatever I’m not taking with me to Springfield into storage.

Another adventure awaits…

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