5 YouTube Truckers That I Watch Regularly, And You Should Too

It’s only been less than a year since I first started watching YouTube videos about drivers on the road and their daily lives. That interest was spawned after having worked with many truckers over the last three years, and I started exploring avenues for a career change. Trucking seemed like a good fit as I had learned a lot about the industry from the guys I worked with on a daily basis.

Here’s a list of YouTube truckers that I’ve subscribed to and watched over the past year, and reasons why you should too!

JBG Travels


Johnny Be Good is a great man who records his daily life and talks about anything and everything while traveling the Northeast working the refrigerated side of things. I first started watching him when he worked for WEL, and he has since moved to a much smaller company. But that didn’t stop him making videos, sometimes 4 or more a day!

He has great advice, and always has a kind word to say.

Dale Clay


Dale Clay is flatbed trucker who works for Maverick Transportation. He is a military veteran, and always has a reason to laugh about things, even when they seem to be going completely FUBAR. He has a lot of knowledge to offer about all things flatbed, from securing loads to fixing load shifts. He uploads semi-regularly, about 2-3 times per week.

LoShawn Parks


LoShawn Parks, or as his channel is called, OnPoint Logistics with LoShawn Parks, is a former Prime Inc flatbedder who now is an independent contractor working from the load boards. He started the YouTube Truckers Alliance (also known as YTTA) with fellow trucker Trucker Brown. It’s a group started to provide assistance and knowledge to those already in the trucking industry as well as those looking to get into it. LoShawn uploads videos semi-regularly, recently taking somewhat of a break on YouTube, and doing more live feeds on the YTTA Facebook Page.

Trucker Brown


Trucker Brown, along with LoShawn Parks founded the YTTA (also known as YouTube Truckers Alliance). He is currently a flatbed driver with Prime Inc, and uploads videos very regularly on topics from females in trucking all the way to time management.

The Flatbed Chick


The Flatbed Chick is my most recent subscription. There’s not much I can say about her that she hasn’t already said herself, so from her YouTube About page:

Welcome to the life of a female truck driver. I’m a woman in flatbed trucking and lovin’ it!

As a trucker, driving a company truck for the first 5 years and after leasing trucks for the past 2 years I have finally bought my own truck and trailer which has been a dream of mine since I got my CDL. Follow me on my trucking adventure as a new O/O traveling all 48 states and learning all about my “new” truck as I go. My vlog will probably end up being as diverse as my many interests. I want to provide informative videos to help those people who are considering becoming a trucker, as well as answer questions from the general public who are just curious about trucking, and hopefully improve the relationship between big trucks and cars on the road. I look forward to interacting with fellow members of the trucking community. You can find me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TheFlatbedChick/

And that rounds out my list of Top 5 YouTube truckers. I hope you subscribe to them and learn as much as I have from them!

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