My First Week At Prime Inc

One week ago, I was excited to begin my new career as a truck driver with Prime Inc. I had made sure that all of my affairs were in order before leaving, and got rid of what I no longer needed. I boarded a plane and headed to Springfield, MO where Prime’s home terminal is. That’s when things started to get a bit hairy.

First thing; Prime takes safety and the health of its driver’s very seriously. For that, I commend them. However, it is something that is holding me up from getting into a truck and driving down the road. I am instead stuck at the hotel until I can complete a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea. This test will cost me $500, and if I do have sleep apnea, I will have to purchase a bipap or cpap machine for a minimum of $1,200…

Everything else during my orientation period went fairly smoothly. Out of a starting class of around 120 PSD and TNT students, there were only about 40 left by Friday. Prime has no problem sending you home to resolve issues, or if you don’t meet their hiring requirements. It could be something as simple as lying about a speeding ticket you had 3 years ago, to as bad as coming here drunk or high.

Hopefully once I complete the sleep study Sunday night, I will be able to continue on in the process and get on with my trainer. Until next time…

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